The First 48 Rookie Year episode 6: Insider and Pointless

The First 48: Rookie Year airs a new episode on A&E this week, giving true crime fans a second look at cases from a decade ago.

“Insider” features Detective Norma McKee from Charlotte, North Carolina as the new investigator works her first double murder. McKee must find out what led to a young couple being shot to death while in their car, and the answer seems to lie with the mystery passenger who was in the back seat. The episode originally aired during The First 48 season 11 in 2011.

Then in “Pointless,” the action moves to Birmingham, Alabama where Detective Chris Anderson takes on the case of a woman who was not only shot to death but whose body was set on fire afterward. That leaves him with little physical evidence to go on, so Anderson turns to the victim’s family in hopes that he can find her killer by learning more about her.

What’s interesting about the choice of this segment is that it’s not Anderson’s first homicide or even his first appearance on the show; Birmingham joined The First 48 back in season 8, and this case is from season 12, also in 2011. Anderson had been featured in several episodes before “Pointless,” so it doesn’t seem to fit the overall theme, but it’s still an intriguing case to revisit.

Rookie Year is a repackaging of classic The First 48 cases, with the addition of bumpers at each commercial break where detectives featured on the show talk about the beginning of their careers. It’s one of a few compilations A&E has done for the show, which also include The First 48: Critical Minutes and The First 48: Playing with Fire.

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