Cold Justice season 6, episode 1: Observations from Holiday Homicide

Cold Justice (airing Saturdays at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Oxygen) returned this week giving true crime fans a second look at the murder of Jerry Humphrey.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the latest episode of Cold Justice; if you missed it, you can view it on Oxygen on Demand or

Humphrey was murdered while he slept in Stafford, Texas and the Cold Justice team quickly unraveled his messy personal life. Whether it was accusations of infidelity, theft, or abuse, the people closest to him also seemed to have the most reasons to want Jerry dead.

Ultimately, Kelly Siegler and her team were able to help secure an arrest warrant for Jerry’s former employee Angel Amescua, who not only had a physical altercation with Jerry before his death but was also allegedly involved with Jerry’s wife Jody. Here are some of the most prominent observations from this episode:

1) Murder begins at home

True crime enthusiasts know that investigators always start with the victim’s spouse or significant other, and “Holiday Homicide” displayed why that’s a truism. Jerry’s wife Jody was reportedly cheating on him, and his brother revealed that Jerry had once confronted Jody and Angel about what looked like an affair. In addition, money was missing from the business that they operated with her parents and Jody once asked an ex-friend if she knew anyone who could take care of her husband. While Angel was the only person charged with Jerry Humphrey’s murder, Jody certainly added complications to the story.

Cold Justice
Click to read’s interview with Cold Justice star Kelly Siegler about the new season! (Photo Credit: Chris Knight/Oxygen.)

2) Abbey talks a great game

The how of an investigation is as important as the what. This was another Cold Justice episode where the team wanted to talk to their suspects separately, to keep them from speaking to each other and matching up their stories. Unfortunately, it backfired spectacularly and Abbey Abbondandolo found himself talking to Angel, Jody and Jody’s mother Jan all at the same time. What followed next was impressive as he was able to ask some pointed questions while staying unflappably polite. Abbey didn’t get a ton of information out of the trio, but he did learn a few things, and most importantly he didn’t blow up the case when it could have easily gone to pieces.

Cold Justice highlights from “Holiday Homicide.” (Video Credit: Courtesy of Oxygen. WARNING: Spoilers and brief crime scene images.)

3) Time doesn’t always help

At the start of “Holiday Homicide,” Abbey commented on how people were so scared of Jerry’s killer that they didn’t want to talk, and how he hoped that time had broken some of those bonds. But while Cold Justice has shown that time away from a case can garner different results, this episode also reminded us that it can make investigations harder, too.

Abbey didn’t get what he wanted; this episode had numerous people who claimed they didn’t remember being interviewed during the initial case or didn’t want to get involved. Most infamous was Angel Amescua’s sister Nina, who was on tape being threatened by her brother yet said she didn’t remember that conversation or her original interview with the police. As Kelly pointed out, Nina wasn’t even pretending to want to help. Her refusal ended up not mattering in the end but it was a stark reminder that while new leads can emerge, previous evidence can also disappear.

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