Forensic Files II season 2, episodes 1 and 2: Obsession and The Ink Beads

Forensic Files revival Forensic Files II returns to HLN this week (tonight at 10:00 and 10:30 p.m. ET/PT) with a brand-new season of true crime stories driven by forensic science.

The original Forensic Files was one of the first hit true crime series and remains beloved by genre fans (not to mention in repeats both on TV and online in places like Pluto TV). HLN has brought it back in a continuation series that keeps the name and the general style but has updated the brand for a new decade.

The Forensic Files II season 2 premiere is called “Obsession” and focuses on a teacher’s aide who goes missing. It becomes clear early on that this wasn’t an intentional disappearance, and the police risk having the suspect slip through their fingers when their case hits a major snag.

This is followed by “The Ink Beads,” where officers discover the nude bodies of two murder victims hanging on display. The only immediate clue to the crime is that they have the word “FED” written on their chests; is that a reference to the federal government or something else? And why publicly hang the victims from a tree? The forensics will be key in identifying the perpetrator behind these gruesome deaths.

Watch a trailer for the new series and new season below; to find the HLN channel in your area click here. You can also stream the original Forensic Files free on Pluto TV or check your local listings to locate repeats on various cable stations.

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