True Life Crime season 2, episode 1: Religious Killing or Jealous Rage?

The MTV docuseries True Life Crime is unraveling a second season (starting tonight at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT; new episodes airing Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week) with cases continuing to focus on young adults affected by crime.

True Life Crime takes its title from MTV’s popular True Life series, with correspondent Dometi Pongo digging into true crime stories that involve people in their teens and twenties. It’s a unique crossbreed between MTV’s younger demographic and the true crime genre, and in its second season, has a few more tales that people probably haven’t heard of before.

Tuesday’s season premiere is called “Religious Killing or Jealous Rage?” and sends Dometi to Galveston, Texas to investigate the double murder of two young women. There were few leads, but the fact that the victims were romantically involved throws a wrinkle into the case; is it possible that the killer targeted them because of their sexual orientation? Or is the answer hidden in their relationship and much more personal?

Watch a clip from True Life Crime season 1 to get a reminder of the show, which last aired in February 2020. It’s one of the rare true crime series that focuses on that 18 to 25-year-old demographic, and will have new episodes to keep fans on the hook over the summer.

(Programming note: MTV is airing new True Life Crime season 2 episodes July 13-15 as part of its “True Crime Week.” After this week, episodes will air in the show’s regular Tuesdays at 10:00 p.m. time slot.)

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