Court Cam season 4 premieres as Court Cam Presents Under Oath wraps

Court Cam season 4 premieres on A&E tonight (9:00 and 9:30 p.m. ET/PT) just before its true crime spinoff Court Cam Presents Under Oath airs its first-season finale (10:00 p.m. ET/PT).

Dan Abrams continues as host of Court Cam, which just aired its third season finale last Wednesday, so it’s not taking any break. Originally a spinoff from the now-cancelled Live PD, the series continues to showcase outrageous or shocking moments that take place in and around courthouses across the United States; you can watch the highlights from seasons 1-3 of Court Cam below, from outbursts in the courtroom to a cop’s Star-Spangled Banner performance that went viral.

Court Cam highlights from seasons 1-3. (Video Credit: Courtesy of A&E.)

Court Cam Presents Under Oath is the first Court Cam spinoff which shows video of criminal defendants taking the stand in their high-profile trials. The first season ends tonight with an hour-long look at the case of Tammy Moorer, a South Carolina woman who was ultimately convicted of the kidnapping of her husband’s ex-girlfriend.

Moorer’s husband Sidney Moorer engaged in an affair with Heather Elvis before both he and Tammy Moorer were charged with her kidnapping and murder, as well as obstruction of justice and indecent exposure. While the murder charges were dropped by prosecutors in March 2016, Tammy was tried for kidnapping and conspiracy in October 2018, and found guilty of both charges. She was sentenced to 30 years for each charge, though declared her intent to appeal.

Heather Elvis is still considered missing as of 2021, with no definitive answer as to what happened to her past December 18, 2013. Court Cam Presents Under Oath may or may not provide a current update to the case, since the show is focused on what takes place during a criminal trial.

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