The First 48 Rookie Year episode 7: Off the Tracks

The First 48: Rookie Year continues this week (tonight at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT) as the A&E series revisits a classic true crime case from the Louisville Police Department.

“Off The Tracks” is an episode from The First 48 season 11 that follows Louisville detective Collin King as he attempts to close his first homicide case as lead investigator. With the assistance of his more experienced colleagues, King tackles the case of a murder on the railroad tracks and has to start by identifying his victim.

While the episode may be King’s first murder as lead detective, it’s not his first appearance on the show. He actually popped up in the season 11 premiere in July 2010, helping Detective Brenda Wescott in the case “John Doe.” After “Off the Tracks,” King would only be the featured detective once more, in the November 2010 installment “What Lies Beneath.”

All three episodes were from season 11; Louisville was only featured once during season 12, making their last appearance on The First 48 in June 2011.

It’s always great when Rookie Year shines a spotlight on someone’s first case (as evidenced from the previous episode, that’s not always what happens). “Off the Tracks” is also a great example of what A&E was likely aiming for when they came up with the Rookie Year idea; it shows how King takes advice from his colleagues to help him close the case. It’s not just him powering through; audiences get to see a truly constructive back-and-forth, so we understand how this case is pivotal to King’s career as a homicide detective.

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