Cold Justice season 6, episode 2: Deadly Premonition

Cold Justice season 6 continues on Oxygen (tonight at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT and produced by Magical Elves) while the true crime series also stays in Kelly Siegler‘s home state of Texas.

“Deadly Premonition” sends the show to Rosenberg, Texas, where Kelly and investigator Steve Spingola look into the murder of another man shot in his home. However, unlike the Jerry Humphrey case featured in last week’s season premiere, the victim in this case was also beaten before his death—and his daughter was in the home when he was killed.

Cold Justice season 6 trailer. (Video Credit: Courtesy of Oxygen.) Click here to read’s interview with Kelly Siegler about the new season!

However, in a strange twist of fate, the murder victim may also have given Kelly, Steve and local officers the biggest clue to solving this savage crime.

Investigators discover a cache of audio recordings hidden in the attic of the home where the murder took place. What’s on those tapes? Why did the victim feel the need to hide them? Could those recordings have critical information to help find the killer? It’s reminiscent of the The First 48 episode “Snapshot,” where a photo taken by the victim just before her death helped Tulsa homicide detectives narrow down the search for her killer.

“Deadly Premonition” marks Steve Spingola’s first Cold Justice season 6 appearance, too, so it’ll be great for longtime fans to see Steve in action again.

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