True Life Crime season 2, episode 2: Runaway Twin or Twin in Trouble?

The next True Life Crime episode (airing at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT) has the true crime series taking a deeper look at the disappearance of Jholie Moussa.

Moussa disappeared in 2018, after telling her identical twin sister that she would be right back to the family home in Virginia. She was subsequently murdered by her ex-boyfriend Neibyu Ebrahim, who had previously assaulted her on multiple occasions before he killed her and hid her body in the local woods.

Ebrahim was sentenced to life in prison in September 2019, after he pled guilty to first-degree murder that June.

Here’s how MTV describes their take on the case:

16-year identical twin, Jholie Moussa, walked out the front door of her house, told her sister she would be right back and then vanished. Could her last ominous social media post be a clue to her disappearance?

(Source: MTV)

What will Dometi Pongo uncover in this True Life Crime episode to add more understanding in this tragic case? Will he discuss the history of violence between Ebrahim and Moussa—which had previously led to him being expelled from their high school and told to stay away from her? Will there be a discussion about how much more could have been done to protect Jholie Moussa before his actions escalated to murder?

This is still a relatively recent story, so true crime fans should keep an eye out for something that hasn’t been reported in Virginia and national news outlets. Perhaps Dometi will get some interviews with Jholie’s loved ones beyond their quotes in the original media reports, or provoke a discussion about domestic violence in teenage relationships.

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