The First 48 Rookie Year episode 8: Murder on Maiden Lane

The First 48: Rookie Year brings true crime audiences back to Atlanta in this week’s episode of the A&E compilation series (tonight at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT).

“Murder on Maiden Lane” originally aired as part of The First 48 season 15 in 2015. It features Atlanta detective Tracy Casey—then credited as Tracy Lewis—as she leads her first homicide investigation. She searches for the killer of 24-year-old Kilon Williams, found dead in his car. It sounds like an attempted robbery, but the victim’s cell phone and wallet are still in the vehicle, so what is the real story?

The episode also spends a fair amount of time on Casey’s backstory, as she talks repeatedly about how she’s always dreamed of becoming a homicide detective. She also reveals that one of her family members was murdered, and that the case remains unsolved.

Like last week’s “Off the Tracks” this repeat truly fits the Rookie Year theme, because it is actually Casey’s first case as lead and we see her having to ask questions and learn as she goes. It’s another case that takes up the entire hour, as well, so audiences get to see more detail on this particular investigation.

Atlanta was one of The First 48‘s staple departments until it apparently dropped off recently; the city hasn’t been featured on the show since last August. However, it was also the only department to get its own spinoff show (The First 48 Presents: Homicide Squad Atlanta), and “Murder on Maiden Lane” is a good example as to why. It had a staff of both talented and interesting detectives, and cases that were usually not what they first appeared to be.

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