Charmed to Death season 1, episode 2: A Life in Jeopardy

Oxygen‘s latest true crime series Charmed to Death (tonight at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT) continues with another story of a relationship much more sinister than it appeared.

The next episode “Seduced to Kill” tells the story of Paul Curry, who made repeated attempts to murder his wife Linda. Linda Kinkade was so desperate to find love that she was blind to the manipulations of her new husband, including wanting to put assets in his name and his interest in taking out a life insurance policy on her. Eventually Paul is successful in killing Linda, but he is also brought to justice for the crime.

(If this sounds familiar, this case was previously covered in the American Greed season 11 episode “Recipe for Murder” which aired in June 2017. That episode can be streamed here.)

“Seduced to Kill” gives a little more backstory about Linda Kincade’s childhood to explain why she would have a blind spot for Paul Curry, and also makes sure to mention Curry’s previous marriages. It also interviews some different people; some of Paul’s friends appear in Charmed to Death, along with a forensic psychologist, while American Greed focused more on Linda’s loved ones. (Her niece Ricki Rycraft and friend Merry Seabold are prominent in both shows.)

In that sense, this episode makes a great companion piece to the American Greed installment. Oxygen’s take is centered on the killer, in keeping with some of the channel’s other original shows, whereas the CNBC program highlighted the victim. Put the two together and it’s a very well-rounded picture of a tragic situation. The only major negative is the narrator for “Seduced to Kill,” whose voice doesn’t fit with the dread the episode is trying to create.

The fact that Charmed to Death is airing a story that’s already been done makes it hard to judge the show overall, but it’s clear that the series is going to zero in on the criminal’s perspective and what makes them tick. If you’re fascinated by the criminal mind (and most true crime fans are to a certain extent), you’ll probably enjoy the series, which will only get better when it unearths stories viewers haven’t heard before.

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