Cold Justice season 6, episode 4: Observations from Unnatural Causes

Cold Justice continued on Oxygen this week (new episodes Saturdays at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT and produced by Magical Elves) by telling true crime fans about a family feud that caused the murder of a New Mexico man.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the latest episode of Cold Justice; if you missed it, you can view it on Oxygen on Demand or

In “Unnatural Causes,” Kelly Siegler and Steve Spingola traveled to Rio Arriba County, New Mexico to investigate the 2016 death of Harold Vigil. Harold’s passing was originally deemed to be by natural causes, but it wasn’t long before that was overturned, and the search for a killer began.

Kelly and Steve joined Rio Arriba County officials in pursuing the one idea that had haunted Harold’s family almost from the start: that he was murdered by his uncle, David Vigil, with whom he’d had an argument about land ownership. And the more they learned about David, the worse the story got, culminating in David’s arrest. Here are some of the most prominent observations from this episode:

1) When home isn’t a home

It was heartbreaking when Kelly revealed via voice-over that Harold Vigil’s daughter continues to live in the house that her father died at. Not only is that incredibly painful, but the house is right next door to the home belonging to David Vigil. Could you imagine living in the place where your loved one died, that’s also adjacent to who you believe killed him? Hopefully Harold’s family has some relief now that there’s been an arrest made in this case.

2) Visual aids can be invaluable

The biggest logistical problem in the case was how the killer had shot Harold, who was found dead on his front porch. Cold Justice brought in its usual specialists to determine exactly how the shot was fired and from where, including a whole sequence with a visual demonstration in a parking lot. These kinds of things are invaluable—not just in court, but in this case for people watching at home, who can see the details that are being talked about.

3) Are there more cases to open?

The most disturbing part of “Unnatural Causes” actually didn’t have much to do with Harold Vigil’s death. Cold Justice showed an interview with the son of the woman Harold had rented property from, and he told investigators how his mother conveniently disappeared the day before a property hearing. She was found dead a few days later. It prompts the question of what happened to Helen, and did David Vigil have any part to play in that? Unfortunately, the show never addressed that, leaving viewers to wonder.

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