Chicago Med season 7 making COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for cast, select crew

The Chicago Med cast and select crew members are required to get COVID-19 vaccinations, according to a new report ahead of season 7 of the One Chicago drama.

Per Deadline Hollywood, the policy applies to all cast members and crew members who are working in “Zone A” (being in close proximity to the actors). Those affected were informed by an email from Wolf Productions recently.

The new policy doesn’t come as a massive shock, given that Chicago Med had to halt production on season 6 when a “Zone A” crew member tested positive for COVID-19 in September. Its sister series Chicago Fire also shut down after a positive test last season.

Wednesday’s new rule, though, so far only applies to Chicago Med and not Fire or Chicago PD.

Requiring the cast and key crew members to be vaccinated serves as not only a safety measure, but would also help the production to avoid such breaks in filming in the future, and the logistical and financial issues that come with such stoppages.

However, it’s a noteworthy update because very few network TV series are issuing such mandates yet. As Deadline points out, the biggest company to require vaccination is Netflix; the streamer made headlines recently by insisting that all “Zone A” cast/crew be vaccinated on any Netflix production in the United States.

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