The First 48 revisits Tulsa ‘House of Cards’ episode this week

The First 48 is re-airing one of its most interesting episodes tonight at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT as the true crime series continues its new Scared Silent compilation series.

“House of Cards” will air as the second The First 48: Scared Silent episode, with “bonus footage” according to A&E‘s official description. The episode originally aired during The First 48 season 16 in 2016, and features Tulsa, OK homicide detective Justin Ritter working the case of a young man shot and killed during a gathering with friends.

The story quickly gets complicated when Ritter learns one of the individuals claimed to be a high-level drug dealer, and told the rest that members of “the cartel” were coming to kill them. Fueled by fear and methamphetamine, the situation escalated quickly, and Ritter has to find out who’s telling the truth and whose statements he can rely on.

The bonus footage referred to will likely be comments from various detectives inserted around the commercial breaks, similar to A&E’s other First 48 theme episodes like Playing with Fire and the recent Rookie Year.

One important thing to note: the commentary doesn’t have to be from the detectives involved in the episode, so viewers shouldn’t expect to hear from Ritter or other members of Tulsa Homicide necessarily.

That being said, if you’re a fan of the Tulsa investigative team or a die-hard The First 48 viewer, “House of Cards” is worth a rewatch. It’s one of the show’s best episodes and the story that unfolds has to be seen to be believed, including witnesses who have to be found and one person who ended up on the roof. Tune in tonight to watch the new version, while the original can be streamed on services like Pluto TV and Discovery Plus.

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