Hilarie Burton Morgan hosting true crime series for SundanceTV

Hilarie Burton Morgan is getting into the true crime genre. AMC Networks announced this week that the actress and author will host their new series It Couldn’t Happen Here, premiering Thursday, September 9 on SundanceTV and streaming on AMC+.

It Couldn’t Happen Here focuses on crimes that take place in small towns across the United States. Burton Morgan visits these towns to interview “family members and local insiders” about the crimes and the impact they have on the communities. She also serves as an executive producer on the series, which will have six 60-minute episodes in its first season.

“Advocating for small towns has been the primary focus of my adult life, whether it’s fighting for mom and pop shops, or public schools or facilities like Astor Services,” Burton Morgan said in a press release. “I believe deeply in the value of these small communities.”

In addition, SundanceTV and AMC+ will also be home to Indefensible with host Jena Friedman. Per AMC Networks’ press release, that series (premiering Thursday, October 14) has the stand-up comedian and former Daily Show producer interviewing people to discuss “the why and how” of crimes. It’s angled toward pointing out issues with the criminal justice system.

“I hope this show gives viewers insight into some of the ways in which the system is flawed,” Friedman explained, “so at the very least, they’ll be a little more prepared in the event they ever end up on a jury.”

That series will likewise have six episodes in its first season, but is reportedly only 30 minutes long. Given that it takes a critical point of view, how much will Indefensible be able to discuss in that relatively short window of time, especially since part of each episode will have to establish the facts of every case?

SundanceTV moves further into the true crime world with these two new programs. The network has already aired a number of hit crime dramas like Law & Order and select seasons of Line of Duty.

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