The First 48 spotlights Tulsa cold case in special two-hour episode

The First 48 is giving true crime fans a deep dive into Tulsa Homicide with this week’s special two-hour installment (8:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT on A&E).

In “Unforgotten,” the Tulsa, OK homicide detectives set out to close a previously unsolved case that crosses “multiple suspects and several years.”

That alone makes for a great story, but longtime The First 48 viewers will want to tune in for other reasons, too. Tulsa has been one of the show’s staple departments for years and is the most watchable of the current homicide teams featured on the show. This being a Tulsa case is a sign that it will be an even stronger episode.

In addition, if the case does indeed go back a few years, there’s the possibility that audiences could hear from or get updates on some of the detectives who were previously in Tulsa Homicide. A number of fan favorites have either retired or moved on, such as Justin Ritter, Matt Frazier, Dianna Baumann and Michael Zenoni.

But when Frazier’s first case resurfaced in the earlier First 48 episode “End of the Road,” the show took a moment to circle back to Frazier, to get his thoughts on a suspect finally being brought to justice. Could that be what happens in “Unforgotten” as well? We’ll have to watch and see.

Another thing to watch for is that A&E might be making this the first of a theme series. Here’s the description provided to by the network:

A murder that remains unsolved is a detective’s worst nightmare. “Unforgotten” explores open cases that haunt the detectives of The First 48. They know the truth is out there. But they need your help to find it.

Courtesy of A&E

That sounds like there will be other episodes with the “Unforgotten” theme, and that this isn’t just unique to Tulsa.

A&E has previously grouped other First 48 episodes by theme, such as Rookie Year, Playing With Fire and the spinoff Critical Minutes, but those have all been re-airs of previous installments. If “Unforgotten” is the start of a new subset, it’ll be the first time the show has done a subgroup with fresh content.

Whatever happens, Thursday’s installment is something special. The First 48 rarely revisits cases, and it almost never does two-hour episodes. The most well-known one is “Chain of Death,” which was also a Tulsa case; if “Unforgotten” is anything like that, we’re about to see an investigation that will go down in First 48 history.

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