The First 48 season 22, episode 21: Out of the Darkness

After last week’s special two-hour event, The First 48 gets back to its normal routine this week, but the true crime series will stay in Tulsa, OK.

In “Out of the Darkness” (tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT), Tulsa Homicide will investigate at least one case fueled by domestic violence. While the whole hour is centered on Tulsa, the synopsis for the installment mentions “two families.” That suggests that either there are two victims in the same case, similar to episodes like “Chain of Death,” or there could be two separate cases that A&E has packaged together because of their common theme.

Here’s the official episode description from A&E:

In Tulsa, two families devastated by domestic violence look to detectives to find justice for their loved ones.

Source: A&E

No sneak peeks or promos have been released for this episode, but that is common for The First 48, which doesn’t tend to have episode-specific ads like other true crime shows do.

Tulsa has taken center stage since The First 48 season 2 returned, with three episodes spotlighting their Homicide team. “Bleeding Heart” was the midseason premiere followed by “Unforgotten: Crystal,” a two-hour special presentation about the six-year-old cold case of Christen “Crystal” Welch.

What fans should watch for is where “Out of the Darkness” falls between the two. “Bleeding Heart” was a fairly standard episode, but “Unforgotten: Crystal” showed us some changes in Tulsa Homicide. We saw a lot of Det. Jeff Gatwood, who’s one of the newer additions to the roster. Will this next episode continue to introduce viewers to fresh faces? Or will it be an opportunity for fans to reconnect with established favorites like Det. Jason White and Det. John Brown?

Tulsa has been with The First 48 so long that we’ve seen their unit evolve, and detectives come and go. It’s fascinating to watch all of the changes, but another thing “Unforgotten: Crystal” proved with its flashbacks is that it’s important not to lose sight of the detectives that fans tune in for. It’s their personalities that help to drive the show, the same way that viewers of scripted shows have favorite actors or characters.

“Out of the Darkness” will be a good barometer of what viewers will see from Tulsa in the rest of season 22.

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