Mayor of Kingstown trailer: First look at Taylor Sheridan Paramount+ crime drama

Paramount Plus has unveiled Mayor of Kingstown, releasing the first trailer for its upcoming crime drama from Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan and Hugh Dillon.

Mayor of Kingstown stars Jeremy Renner (Wind River, the Marvel Cinematic Universe) and Kyle Chandler (Bloodline, Friday Night Lights) as the McLusky brothers, who attempt to hold together the fictional city of Kingstown, Michigan. It’s a struggle, primarily because the town’s only business is the prison system.

Renner’s character Mike McLusky is the title character, while Chandler plays Mitch, his older brother who operates as a “fixer.” Dianne Wiest recurs as the brothers’ mom Miriam.

The show will also be of interest to crime drama fans because it was co-created by Hugh Dillon, whom audiences know from his leading roles in the crime dramas Flashpoint and Durham County. Dillon will also act in Mayor of Kingstown. Those four names alone given this show a stacked cast, not counting the other players that audiences will get to meet when the series premieres (streaming November 14).

The trailer certainly promises plenty of gritty drama, akin to the Showtime series Brotherhood, which also featured a pair of brothers on different ends of the system. Jason Clarke’s Tommy Caffee was a local politician and Jason Isaacs’ character Michael Caffee was Tommy’s older brother Michael, a career criminal. Will Mayor of Kingstown reach the high bar that Brotherhood set over a decade ago?

There’s also the question of how it will be promoted.

As of right now Mayor of Kingstown is exclusive to Paramount Plus; there are no plans for it to get a preview on Paramount Network. But might the company consider that, given how Yellowstone is the cable channel’s biggest hit by a long mile? Showing the Mayor of Kingstown pilot on Paramount Network might entice people to sign up for the streaming service.

But crime drama fans will have to wait and see if they’ll get thrown an opportunity to watch or if they’ll have to get a subscription. It could be a great character-driven crime series and those are very hard to pull off.

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