Chicago PD alum Jon Seda on “so different” role in La Brea

Chicago PD fans will be overjoyed to see Jon Seda back on TV in his new series La Brea (premiering tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC), but the character he plays is nothing like Antonio Dawson.

“It is so different,” Seda enthused during the show’s recent Television Critics Association panel. “Being part of something that is such an adventure and mystery and drama and exciting, I’m just glad to be a part of it.”

La Brea starts in Los Angeles when a massive sinkhole opens up, creating chaos and dragging several people into a primeval world on the other side. Seda’s character Dr. Sam Valez is one of those who has to figure out how he ended up in this new world—and how to get out.

“Former Navy SEAL, doctor, father, husband,” Seda explained, “There’s so many colors and there’s so many interesting layers that exist within this character that I’m still kind of finding as we go along. That really is attractive. As an actor, that’s like wow, a lot of stuff to work with.”

It brings Seda back to the network where he made his name. His last episode of Chicago PD aired in 2019 after producers decided not to bring back Antonio Dawson for a seventh season—a decision that shocked many One Chicago fans. Seda originated the role of Antonio on Chicago Fire and previously starred in NBC’s Homicide: Life on the Street and UC: Undercover before that.

On La Brea, he may not be solving crimes, but he certainly has his fair share of adventure in front of him. And there is one similarity he did see between his new character and his old one: “I think Dr. Sam does tend to want to help as many people as he can.”

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