Oxygen releases 911 Crisis Center series premiere online

Oxygen is making sure its latest true crime series 911 Crisis Center reaches as many eyeballs as possible. After the show premiered on TV Saturday, the network has released the full first two episodes online; you can watch them here and on YouTube.

The half-hour 911 Crisis Center follows a dispatch center in Ohio as a shift of employees takes emergency calls. It shows their interactions with the callers, as well as large portions of their personal lives, and on-camera interviews where the dispatchers comment on situations or discuss the inner workings of their jobs.

While it’s an intriguing premise, the half-hour format means that the series is limited on what it can show, especially since it also cuts away to interviews or personal moments between the dispatchers. The audience gets only limited information about the outcomes of some 911 calls, unless resolution happens while the dispatcher is still on the line. 911 Crisis Center would probably benefit from being a full hour-long series like most Oxygen shows, but for now, it’s a condensed format.

The first two episodes aired Sunday after the midseason premiere of Cold Justice; both are available online and embedded below. However, if you’d prefer to watch on your TV, both are currently in repeats on Oxygen; check your local listings to see when they’ll reair. The next episode airs Saturday at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT after Cold Justice.

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